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French is a Romance language, along with Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, Portuguese and others. It is the only language spoken on 6 continents and in islands in the three biggest oceans. One important institution through which the French language is promoted globally is La Francophonie. 
The French language is spoken by an estimated 80 million people as a native language and more than 150 million people as a second language. After English, it is the second most studied foreign language in the world.
It is official language in 29 countries and of many international organizations. In Europe French is official language in France (the country with the highest number of speakers of French as a native language), Belgium (the Wallonia region), Switzerland (western part), Luxembourg, Monaco and Aosta Valley (a semi-autonomous region in Italy) and is used in Andorra and by minorities in the Channel Islands.  In Africa, it is official language in former colonies of France and Belgium. Although Africa has the highest number of French speakers, French is mainly a second language in Africa and is spoken as a first language only by a minority, especially by the urban population, especially in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Libreville (Gabon). Francophone Africa includes countries in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. In the Americas, it is official language in Canada (together with English), while being sole official language in the province of Quebec and it is official language also in Haiti along Haitian Creole. In the US, most French speakers are in Louisiana, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. French is official language also in the 11 French Overseas Departments and Territories.
French used to be the official language of the colony of French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) and while its influence has diminished in these countries, it continues to be used by the older generations and taught in some schools and universities.
French has several dialects and regional variations. Many French-based Creole languages have developed in the former colonies, like for instance Haitian Creole.
The ISO code for French is fr.

With our team of experienced, bilingual French translators, CET Central European Translations can provide fast and professional French language translation services.

CET Central European Translations
provides French to English translations and English to French translations of outstanding quality. Our French English translation services will help you support your internationalization efforts.


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French Web Site Localization
CET offers a French to English or English to French translation of your web site. Our skilled and trained linguists together with localization experts will provide you assistance in the complex transformation of your web site into French.

Experienced French Translators
CET's French translation teams are composed of native speaking French translators. We offer translation services from English to French and French to English in a broad range of industries including:

airlines & aerospace
finance & banking
hardware & software
mechanical engineering

French Teleconference Interpretation
You want to call your French business partner but don't speak the language ? Our skilled French Interpreters are at your disposal for interpretation of tele-conferences.

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